Saturday, March 28, 2009

Single is NOT a Disease!!

My fellow Single-istas, are you aware that sometimes people jump into a relationship because they'd rather be unhappy in one than lonely without one?? I just want to say this to those people: SINGLE IS NOT A DISEASE!

I hate having people ask "Why are you single? I can't BELIEVE you are single!" What does that even mean?

Single is not an affliction, it's not tuberculosis. I don't need to get a shot in my arm or take a pill 3 times a day because I'm single. And when you tell people you really don't enjoy dating and you're single by choice? It's like you go from being an afflicted person to a circus side-show freak. Just stick me in a cage next to the 2-headed man and feed me a bale of hay. Clearly I'm not meant to be among the ranks of normal society.

I am a woman in my early 30's in 2009, and I'm more focused on me than I choose to be of any man. I'm not even THINKING about marriage or kids right now. I'm selfishly working on me and my goals. I won't settle for anything less than I deserve (like dating a B.T.N.-- Better Than Nothing) and I make no apologies for how I decide to live my life.

Single means:
Investing in and
Everyone else dictate me!!!

Rule number one of being a Single-ista is to wear your Single label proudly. Let people know that there IS a such thing as being happily single, and you wouldn't have it any other way.



Friday, February 27, 2009

What is a Single-ista, you ask....

I must say that you ask very good questions. A Single-ista is a fabulous woman of the single persuasion who has expertise in all things single (like a Fashionista is to fashion). As the Ultimate Single-ista, I have insights into what singles like to do, where singles like to go and what singles are looking for in a potential mate. If you are curious about any of the aforementioned, then look no further, cause mama knows, child, mama knows.

Allow me to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Tonya, and my sign is Cancer. I am a single woman (in case you missed it) that has been living in Los Angeles for over 6 years. I am an Event Organizer for a speed-dating company, so I have witnessed the hits and misses of many singles trying to find a match. I enjoy getting together with friends, going to the latest hotspots and trying to tap into the male psyche (that last one was a joke....sort of).

LA can be a Single-istas paradise and personal hell all rolled into one tight little package. On the one hand, it's a great city with plenty to do, whether you are the life of the party, a low-key individual or somewhere in between. On the other hand, if you are a Single-ista looking to be a Girlfriendista, it can be a tough place to snag a guy that's willing to settle down. This city has plenty of beautiful and successful ladies. Men are so enamoured with choices out here, that many opt to play the field...sometimes permanently. However, all is not lost. Nothing is impossible and there's plenty of fun that a lady can have while celebrating her singlehood!!

If you are a single lady anywhere in this great U.S. of A. that wants a fun and fresh perspective on being single & satisfied, then you've come to the right place. After all, Single is the new Black.